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Welcome to the Drumheller Chrysler Finance Page
Come to Drumheller Chrysler for your vehicle and we can help you with the financing!  We make sure that:

  • We offer on-going personalized service! If you have any questions just ask!
  • Everything is full disclosure.
  • Fees disclosed as such, not added under different names or programs.
  • Loans are altered to suit your individual needs.
  • We make sure that we are also flexible and creative, as each person is different and each finance deal is unique.

Our Process is easy!
  1. Select a vehicle (click here to see our inventory:  NEW or USED)
  2. Fill out a Credit Application  (We will submit it to the bank that has the best rate and terms)
  3. When your credit is approved we call you to go over the details and set up a delivery time.

Some Frequent Questions that we get asked:

Why are there different rates for different people?
That depends on credit score, repayment history, length of time on job, and debt servicing

How can financing help me?
It gives you a credit history and a good credit history is how you get future credit.  It is usually harder for you to get credit if you have no history than if you need to rebuild one.

What bank do you send my application to?
That depends on if it is commercial, personal or if you want a lease.  Dealerships can offer lower fixed rates than the branches.

How much do I make? Gross vs. Net (what's the difference)
Banks calculate TDSR (Total Debt Service Ratio) on the Gross wage... this means BEFORE tax or deductions. (You can find this on your pay stub)

How to be prepared or how to be pre-approved.
  • Have Physical address or land location if you have PO Box number or live in a rural area.  We also need the physical address of employer.
  • S.I.N. # preferred by banks but not compulsory.
  • Void Cheque or Pre-Authorized Payment form from your bank (pre-printed with personal name) no companies
  • Copy of pay-stubs. The most current can not be older than 30 days, as required by approval.
  • Copy of Notice of Assessment as required by approval.
  • Copy of Articles of incorporation for business approvals.
  • Copy of Payout information on trade-in from your bank.
  • Notify your Insurance company that we will be faxing the documentation for Insurance.
  • For payouts place a stop-payment on your current loan.
  • Copy of registration on your trade (If applicable).

Again... if you have questions, please ask!  We are here to help you!

Tips on getting your credit better!

- Pay on time. Try to pay off your credit card off monthly. Revolve it.
- Limit credit cards to a only a few. Banks look at available credit even if it is not utilized.
- Don't use more than 75% of the total balance even if the card has low limits
- Do not shop around for credit (This could affect your credit score).

Contact Jane in our finance department

Don't know how much you can afford?  Have no clue where to start?

Although this is a rough estimate, and it will be better to come talk with us first, try the Online Calculator  and then go shopping through our new or used inventory to see if we have what you want!  Please remember that our inventory changes daily and we can sometimes get what you want even if you don't see it on our site - so just let us know!